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This is the greatest endorsement I have received from my divorcing clients.

My mission is to impart a level of understanding that nurtures individuals through the processes of terminating their marriages and helps them accept with confidence their lives as financially-independent persons. Perhaps my highest qualification in this field relates to my personal divorce experience. My former husband and I completely cooperated, nested, and continue to professionally work together post-divorce. My children, now adults, emerged with the least amount of damage possible from a traumatic event.

By education, I am an attorney. I have over 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industries and have accordingly earned CLU, ChFC, and CLTC designations. I decided to obtain the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) degree so that I could help other divorcing couples seek an outcome similar to mine. In the final analysis, if you have children, they are a part of both of you. If you and your spouse have a war, your children will be the casualties.

A CDFA reviews and assimilates clients' financial data to help determine the short-term and long-term financial impacts of any proposed divorce settlement, in turn facilitating the achievement of a win-win outcome. A CDFA provides valuable information on divorce-related financial issues, such as dual-to-single household budgeting, income tax consequences, division of pension & defined contribution retirement plans, continued health coverage, and much more. The role of a CDFA is typically to assist the attorney(s), not to replace the attorney. Financial analysis is not part of the typical law school curriculum. So as a financial expert, our areas of expertise complement one another and our clients reap the benefits. Visit my website ( to learn more about the Collaborative process and other Alternate Dispute Resolution options available to those seeking a more enlightened approach to terminating their marriages.

I founded Facilitated Divorce Solutions, LLC in 2007 and have since helped over 100 divorcing couples or individuals. I proudly served as President of the Academy in 2014 and 2015.

Rebecca S. Murphy
7055 Engle Rd., Suite 1-101
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